Stefanie Syman


If you’ll remember in Episode 32, we explored the early digital media startups like Salon, Slate, Suck, Pathfinder, etc. One site that was mentioned, but did not get a lot of detail in that episode was Feed Magazine (aka,, or Feed). The reason I couldn’t go into much detail is because secondary sourcing about Feed is difficult to come by 20 years on. And that’s what I was absolutely delighted to make contact with Stefanie Syman. Stefanie, along with Steven Johnson, was a co-founder of Feed, and she recounts the wonderful time period early on when two freelance writers could say, “Gee, why don’t we just publish a magazine on the web?” It’s a great story of the early Internet scene in New York City, and stay tuned to hear all the people who cut their teeth at Feed and went on to fabulous careers.


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