I’m waiting feverishly for the latest Ask the Maester column to go live on Grantland. Sooo… so many questions about that last episode and the Night King in particular.

So, I’m refreshing my feed reader and browser, hoping that this is the hour it goes up.

But wouldn’t it be easier if, like everything else in my life, I could just get an alert on my cellphone when something goes live?

Is there an app that I don’t know of that already does this? You input an RSS feed and the app sends you a notification when something new has been published. Podcast apps do this already of course, but is there an app that does this for traditional rss feeds? Is this something I can make happen somehow with IFTTT?

Let me know in the comments or ping me @brianmcc

(Thanks @davewiner)


So, possibly the solution is Testing now.