Dave Zinman Focalink


Today we have an interview with Dave Zinman, co-founder of FocaLink Media services, which, if you’ll recall, developed the first remote ad server. We previously spoke to his co-founder, Jason Strober. Dave is a long time advertising industry veteran. He was also at Yahoo and is currently the CEO of InfoLinks. I hope we’ve done a good job in these interviews of giving you a decent understanding of how online advertising developed and how it functions to underpin the internet as we know it today. Dave gives us some fascinating insights on all of this, and especially toward the end of the interview, we get in depth about how modern advertising functions. We get into retargeting, the modern advertising method that represents the the apex of advertising evolution. How does Facebook make all it’s money? It’s retargeting that makes it possible. So, get ready for an excellent master class on how modern advertising works.

Oh, and there’s a bonus story, right at the end, about the founding of eBay.


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