Gary Kremen, Founder of and

Photo credit: Eric Millette, 2008


Gary Kremen is another early internet legend. Kremen was one of the first people to recognize the opportunity that the Internet presented in terms of classifieds advertising. Seizing this opportunity, Kremen founded, to this day, still the largest player in the online dating space. But Kremen is also famous for the legendary struggle to control the domain name, which Kremen registered, lost control of, regained control of (after a lengthy legal battle) attempted to turn into the adult version of Google and eventually sold on to other investors. This is one of the more colorful and fascinating interviews we’ve ever been able to feature on this show.


Gary was kind enough to provide us with some fascinating historical documents as well. For example:

Here is the original business plan for the company that would become

eci bplan 2.19.about June 9 1994

Here is the lawsuit filed relating to the legal battle:


And finally, here are the first three pages of the outline for the original questionnaire (click to enlarge): profile page 1q-2q-3


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